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Melanie can be seen regularly on Headline News where she most often goes on-air to discuss parenting and entertainment topics as a guest expert. You can typically catch her on one of the following shows: Making It In America, Raising America, Evening Express, Prime News, Special Report or the Jane-Velez Mitchell Show. She has covered everything from the Sandusky Trial to irresponsible parents to Honey Boo Boo to kids and social media on HLN.

When Melanie was originally contacted  by a CNN booker out of NYC to appear on Headline News as a Mommy Expert the first time, she was pretty excited for the opportunity to reach a global audience about a topic that was so close to her heart. The segment on HLN’s The Jane Velez-Mitchell Show was a perfect fit for Melanie – it was about Lifetime’s hit TV show – Dance Moms – and the controversy surrounding the episode where young girls were put on stage as Vegas Showgirls and were told to imply they were naked to the audience. These kids are as young as 7 years old!  As a former professional dancer who danced for over 20 years before hanging it up to become a Mommy to two daughters who now dance – Melanie had plenty to say about the dance coach from the show who Melanie says completely appalls her! But she also blames the Moms of the little girls just as much as anyone else for putting their kids in that type of environment! Don’t expect Melanie to be anything like these Dance Moms with her girls! Melanie has gone on to discuss many more topics ranging from cyber discipline to the tanorexic Mom to kids being breastfed to the age of 4. You never know what she is going to chat about this week so be sure to tune in … follow her Facebook page or on Twitter to find out when she is going on Headline News next!



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